What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are a tiny vegetable or edible flower plant, harvested after the Cotyledon leaves have developed. Do not confuse microgreens with sprouts or shoots! These are far different and the seeds are not consumed, removing risk of e coli bacteria. Microgreens are often used by Fine dining chefs to enhance the attractiveness and taste of their dishes with their delicate textures and distinctive flavors.

Microgreens have particularly high nutritional value compared to mature vegetables, especially the more intensively colorful varieties.  Key nutrients measured were ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tocopherols (vitamin E), phylloquinone (vitamin K), and beta-carotene (a vitamin A precursor), plus other related carotenoids in the cotyledons

Important to remember we use no pesticides and clean growing substrate for our Microgreens! We also use heirloom, non-GMO seeds. We believe in a natural product that gives life!